Green Energy

Over the years, our focus has been to be environment friendly & invest in businesses that aim to create a sustainable future. Our philosophy is to maximise positive environmental impact and create long-term value for society. Our green energy help us transform into an environmentally responsible business and at the same time reduce energy costs through the installation of renewable technologies.

Since 1993 our Tea Estates are powered entirely by wind energy; which aid to reduce CO2 emissions and local air pollution. To emphasize our focus on green energy, from 2018 we have added Captive Solar Energy to power our factories; resulting in reduction of 7000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per annum.

3MW Solar Power Plant

  • The commissioned project with a land area of 26 Acres.
  • Located in Saptur, Madurai District of Tamilnadu.
  • Number of Modules: 9,332.
  • Estimated Energy Generation: 4.5Mn Units per annum.

2.3MW Wind Farm

  • One of the first tea companies in the country to set up 9 WindMills (capacity -1 X 400 KW, 3 X 250 KW, 5 X 225 KW) in Muppandal, Tamil Nadu.
  • The wind farm is situated at the best wind velocity area called “East West pass of Indian Peninsula” at the southern tip.
  • The commissioned project with a land area of 32 Acres.
  • Generation for the last 20 years is more than 95 GWhr
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